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Ifrithian Codex
Ifrithian Codex
Ifrithian Physiology
         Ifrithians are tall, bipedal digitigrade humanoids, roughly 6 feet in height on average. They are similar to the canines of Earth in appearance, though possess very large ears and have smooth, almost snake-like skin with a thin layer of fur across their whole body. They generally have thicker manes like hair on a human, which spread down from their heads to their necks toward the top of the shoulders. These can be decorated, stylized, colored, and trimmed as an Ifrithian sees fit. Ifrithians have varying skin and fur tones that range from deep blood reds to more earthy tones, while some are even pale, almost white. They tend to have long, claw like nails, which are trimmed by most regularly.
Ifrithian Society
         Ifrithians have a fairly laid-back and accepting society, and most are eager to meet new races in the wider galaxy. Family is very important to them. Myths and legends are also important to them, and these are taught on every
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Evdraph Dreadnought by ShadowWingedHunter Evdraph Dreadnought :iconshadowwingedhunter:ShadowWingedHunter 5 0 Azaiah By Jazzthetiger by ShadowWingedHunter Azaiah By Jazzthetiger :iconshadowwingedhunter:ShadowWingedHunter 8 0 Zaariah 002 by ShadowWingedHunter Zaariah 002 :iconshadowwingedhunter:ShadowWingedHunter 3 1
The Rakalan Empire: Zyrron
Zyrron are large, bipedal warm blooded reptilians, standing roughly eight feet tall, and are heavily built with a naturally thick body and muscular frame, their head and neck sitting forward on their shoulders. Zyrron have heavy, long muzzles where several teeth are often visible protruding from their upper jaw over their lower jaw.  Zyrron have two sets of arms, the upper-most larger than the second pair. The second pair sits further toward their chest then their upper arms. Both sets end in three fingered, clawed hands. They have long, prehensile tails, capable of gripping and lifting things. Their two digitigrade legs split at the foot into two toes, capped by hooves.
A Zyrron's scaly hide ranges in a wide variety of colors, including, but not limited to; bright, fiery oranges, deep reds and blues, bright greens and purples, and are mixed with simple patterns or stripes of another color. Their vibrant hides are a natural adaptation due to the brightly colored flora of thei
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The Rakalan Empire: Diss
Diss are bipedal arthropods, roughly the size of the average adult human with heavily plated black chitinous bodies. A Diss' head is angular and diamond shaped, with rounded edges and a domed top. They have six red-orange, sinister eyes, two thick, twisting antennas emerging from the center of their foreheads and curving back over their heads, and four small mandibles around their mouth at the bottom of their faces. Their segmented bodies are thick, with large, thick ridges on the back overlapping each other toward the head. A Diss' body is shaped like an inverted three sided pyramid, with the two sides that make up the chest being slightly concave and the back being convex, only growing wider just above the hips. The arms extend from just below the two corners of the back and end in four dexterous fingers. The elbow extends past the upper arm with a shield like structure. Two vestigial limbs midway down the body are claw like and grow from the concave section of the body, usually pres
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Gideon Fucci
United States
I am a bit of tech geek but I love nature. I love dragons and wolves. I like to write stories and TFs and Role playing. I will post pictures and stories when I think they are good enough.


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A friend of mine and I are engineering an online Mass Effect themed Table Top rpg using the Roll20 Website. If you are interested in playing, please note :iconnelaryon: or myself.


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